How to Adjust Treadmill Belt?

If you want your treadmill to run smoothly and efficiently, you’ll need to make sure the belt is adjusted properly. Fortunately, adjusting a treadmill belt is not too difficult. Here’s how you can adjust your treadmill belt in just a few simple steps. Learn How to Adjust Treadmill Belt?

How to Adjust Treadmill Belt?

Step 1: Locate the Adjustment Knobs

The first step is to locate the adjustment knobs on the side of the treadmill. Once you have located them, use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to turn them both clockwise until they are tight. This will help ensure that the belt does not move around when you are running or walking on it.

Step 2: Check Tension

Once the knobs have been tightened, check the tension of the belt by pressing down firmly in the middle of it with your hand. You should feel some resistance as you press down; if there is none, then it means that the belt is too loose and needs to be adjusted further. To tighten it, simply turn one of the knobs counterclockwise until there is some resistance when you press down on it with your hand.

Step 3: Check Alignment

Finally, once you have adjusted the tension of the belt, make sure that it is aligned correctly by inspecting it from both sides of the treadmill. If it looks like it is off-center or misaligned in any way, use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to adjust one of the adjustment knobs until it is centered correctly.


Adjusting a treadmill belt may seem intimidating at first, but with these simple steps, anyone can do it! Just remember to start by locating and tightening both adjustment knobs before checking for tension and alignment—and you’ll be ready to hit those miles in no time! Keep these tips in mind next time your treadmill needs a bit of maintenance for optimal performance!

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