How to Call Mexico From Usa?

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and loved ones across borders. Whether you’re a business professional or a traveler looking to stay in contact with people in Mexico, calling them has never been simpler. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to make international calls from the US to Mexico. Learn How to Call Mexico From Usa?

How to Call Mexico From Usa?
How to Call Mexico From Usa?

How to Call Mexico From Usa?

  1. Dialing Mexican Phone Numbers from the US – The process of dialing a Mexican number from the US is simple and straightforward. Start by dialing 011—this is an international access code for all countries outside of the United States. Next, type in 52 which is Mexico’s country code followed by 1 for long distance calls within Mexico. Then type in the phone number you’re trying to reach (it should be 10 digits). To call mobile phones in Mexico, add 8 before the 10 digit phone number (e.g., 8151234567).
  2. Long Distance Charges When Calling Mexico from The US – When making international calls, there are usually additional charges that apply depending on your current phone plan or service provider. It’s best to check with your provider first as they will be able to give you an exact quote based on your specific situation. That being said, there are also many services available that allow users to make low cost international calls without incurring extra charges, such as Skype and Google Voice.
  3. Number Lists For Common Services In Mexico – Here are some useful lists of numbers for common services in Mexico that could come in handy when traveling or doing business there:
  •  – Emergency Services (Police, Fire & Ambulance): 060, 066 & 080
  • – Directory Assistance: 040 & 019001112222
  • – Long Distance Operator Assistance: 002 & 019003334455
  • – International Operator Assistance: 001 & 019005551212
  • – Airline Reservations/Information: 018000123456789
  • – Hotel Reservations/Information: 018009876543210
  • – Train Reservations/Information: 018001234567890
  • – Automobile Rental Information/Reservations: 01800123456
  • – Tourist Information Numbers by State/Province :


With this information under your belt, calling people in Mexico is now easy and hassle free! Be sure to check with your service provider first and look into any alternative methods you may have available that offer more affordable rates before making any long distance calls to avoid getting hit with unexpected charges on your bill. Good luck!

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