How to Clear Cache on Android?

Clearing your cache can improve the performance of your Android device and help you free up storage space. But what is cache? Cache, also known as temporary files, are created by applications and websites in order to load content faster. Over time, this cached data can build up and start to affect the performance of your device, so it’s important to regularly clear it out. Let’s look at how to clear cache on Android devices quickly and easily. Learn How to Clear Cache on Android?

How to Clear Cache on Android?

How to Clear Cache on Android?

How to Clear App Cache

To clear app cache, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps. Select an app from the list that you would like to clear the cache for and then tap on Storage & Cache. Next, tap on Clear Cache or if you want a full reset, select Clear Storage as well. Finally, confirm that you want to delete all cached data associated with that app. Repeat this process for all apps you wish to clear the cache for.

How to Clear System Cache

Clearing system cache is slightly more involved since it requires you access the Recovery Menu of your device. To do this, power off your device completely and press down the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously until you see the Recovery Menu appear on your screen. Use volume up/down buttons to navigate through menu options until you select Wipe Cache Partition option and then press Power button once again to confirm selection. Once complete, reboot your device normally by selecting Reboot System Now from Recovery Menu options list.


Clearing cached data from your Android device is an essential part of ensuring its optimal performance over time. Whether you need more storage space or better performance from certain apps or websites, clearing cached data is a surefire way of improving both speed and reliability of your device’s operation in no time! With these tips in mind, website owners and Android users alike should be able to easily understand how caching works and what needs doing when trying to keep their devices running smoothly for longer! Happy browsing!

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