How To Get Archgun Deployer

Are you ready to enhance your arsenal in the world of Warframe? Look no further than the Archgun Deployer. This powerful tool allows you to summon your Archgun at any given moment, providing you with the firepower you need to conquer challenging missions.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining and crafting the Archgun Deployer.

To begin your journey, you must first complete the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty. This mission will test your skills and determination, but the rewards will be well worth it. Once you have successfully completed the bounty, you will be rewarded with the Archgun Deployer Blueprints.

With the blueprints in hand, it’s time to put your crafting skills to the test. Gather the necessary resources and construct your very own Archgun Deployer. Once crafted, you can easily equip it in your loadout and have the power of the Archgun at your fingertips.

Prepare yourself, Tenno, for the Archgun Deployer awaits.

Completing the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty

To complete the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty, you’ll need to work together with your squad to take down the Orb Mothers and collect the necessary materials.

The first step is acquiring Fortuna standing, which can be obtained by completing various missions and bounties in Orb Vallis. Once you have enough standing, you can access the Profit-Taker Orb mission.

This mission requires a coordinated effort to defeat the powerful Profit-Taker Orb. Make sure your squad is well-equipped with high-damage weapons and strong Warframes.

During the battle, focus on destroying the Orb’s shields first, using your Archguns and abilities. Once the shields are down, concentrate your fire on the Orb’s weak points.

Be prepared for a challenging fight, as the Profit-Taker Orb is highly resistant to damage. With determination and teamwork, you’ll be able to defeat the Orb and obtain the coveted Archgun Deployer.

Obtaining Archgun Deployer Blueprints

To obtain blueprints for the powerful Archgun Deployer, there are a few steps you can take. First, you’ll need to participate in the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty, a challenging mission in Orb Vallis. This mission requires a coordinated team to take down the Profit-Taker Orb. Once you successfully complete the heist, you’ll have a chance to earn Archgun Deployer blueprints as a reward.

In addition to the heist bounty, you can also increase your chances of obtaining blueprints by farming for them in Orb Vallis. Engaging in activities like hunting Thumpers, completing bounties, and exploring caves can lead you to valuable resources that can be traded for blueprints.

With persistence and strategic gameplay, you’ll be able to gather all the necessary components and craft your very own Archgun Deployer.

Crafting and Equipping the Archgun Deployer

Once you’ve successfully acquired the blueprints, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start assembling and equipping the powerful Archgun Deployer. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Gather the necessary resources: You’ll need a variety of materials, including alloys, circuits, and energy cells, to craft the Archgun Deployer.

  • Access the Foundry: Open the Foundry menu and select the Archgun Deployer blueprint.

  • Begin the crafting process: Initiate the crafting process by selecting the blueprint and confirming the required resources.

  • Wait for completion: The crafting process takes time, so be patient while the Archgun Deployer is being assembled.

  • Equip your Archgun Deployer: Once the crafting is complete, go to your Arsenal and equip the Archgun Deployer in the Archgun slot.

Now that you have your Archgun Deployer, consider upgrading it for increased firepower. You can enhance its damage output, fire rate, and reload speed through mods and upgrades.

Additionally, when using the Archgun Deployer in combat, strategize by taking advantage of its long-range capabilities. Stay in cover, aim for weak points, and use the Archgun’s high damage to quickly eliminate enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I complete the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty to increase my chances of obtaining the Archgun Deployer Blueprint?

To maximize your rewards in the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty and increase your chances of obtaining the Archgun Deployer blueprint, there are several strategies you can employ.

First, focus on completing the highest difficulty tier of the bounty as it offers better drop rates.

Additionally, consider using resource boosters, farming in a squad, and completing bonus objectives.

Finally, make sure to repeat the bounty multiple times to maximize your chances of obtaining the blueprint.

Are there any specific Warframes or weapons that are recommended for completing the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty?

To maximize your chances of success in the Profit-Taker Heist bounty, it is recommended to use warframes and weapons that excel in both survivability and damage output.

Popular choices for warframes include Rhino, Chroma, and Inaros due to their tankiness. These warframes can withstand the heavy damage dealt by the Profit-Taker and its minions.

When it comes to weapons, the Rubico Prime, Lanka, and Catchmoon Kitgun are highly effective against the Profit-Taker’s shields and weak points. These weapons have high damage potential and can quickly take down the Profit-Taker’s defenses.

To further enhance your performance, make sure to equip mods that boost your damage and survivability. These mods can significantly improve your chances of defeating the Profit-Taker and completing the bounty successfully.

Can I obtain the Archgun Deployer Blueprint from any other sources besides the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty?

There are alternative sources to obtain the Archgun Deployer blueprint besides the Profit-Taker Heist bounty. One method is joining a clan and researching the blueprint in the Clan Dojo’s Tenno Lab.

Another option is purchasing the blueprint from the in-game Market using Platinum.

Additionally, the blueprint can be obtained as a reward from certain events or as a drop from certain enemies.

Is there a specific Mastery Rank requirement to be able to craft and equip the Archgun Deployer?

To equip and craft the Archgun Deployer, you need to meet a specific Mastery Rank requirement. However, the exact Mastery Rank needed is subject to change as the game evolves.

Currently, you can only obtain the Archgun Deployer blueprint from the Profit-Taker Heist bounty. Unfortunately, there are no alternative sources to acquire the blueprint.

Therefore, completing the Profit-Taker Heist bounty is currently the only way to obtain the Archgun Deployer blueprint and meet the Mastery Rank requirement.

Can I use the Archgun Deployer in any mission or is it limited to certain game modes?

The Archgun Deployer can be used in a variety of game modes, providing distinct advantages in each.

In Defense missions, it allows for increased firepower and crowd control.

In Survival missions, it ensures sustained damage output and can clear large groups of enemies.

In Disruption missions, it can quickly eliminate Demolysts.

To maximize effectiveness, consider modding for damage, critical chance, and fire rate.

Additionally, using Warframe abilities in conjunction with the Archgun Deployer can greatly enhance its performance.


To conclude, obtaining the Archgun Deployer in Warframe requires completing the Profit-Taker Heist Bounty and acquiring the Archgun Deployer Blueprints.

Once obtained, players can craft and equip the Archgun Deployer to enhance their combat abilities.

This powerful weapon provides a technical advantage in battles, allowing players to deal significant damage and overcome formidable enemies.

By following the necessary steps and investing time and effort, Warframe players can successfully obtain and utilize the Archgun Deployer to enhance their gameplay experience.