How To Hide Filter Name On Instagram Story 2022

Are you tired of seeing the filter name displayed on your Instagram stories? Well, look no further! In this article, we will show you how to hide the filter name on your Instagram story in 2022.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a filter name-free experience and give your stories a cleaner and more professional look.

First, you’ll need to access the Instagram Story settings. Then, disable the filter name display option with just a few taps. Once done, voila! You can now share your stories without any distractions from those pesky filter names.

So if you’re ready to take your Instagram game to the next level and create stunning, streamlined stories, let’s get started!

Accessing the Instagram Story Settings

Hey there, want to learn how to hide filter names on your Instagram Story in 2022? Well, the first step is accessing the Story Settings!

To begin customizing your Instagram story backgrounds and exploring sticker options, open the Instagram app and swipe right from your feed or tap on the camera icon at the top left corner. This will take you to the story creation screen.

Once there, you can either capture a photo or video or choose one from your camera roll. Next, swipe up or tap on the square smiley face icon at the top of the screen to access various stickers and filters.

From here, you can customize your story background by selecting different colors or adding images from your gallery. To hide filter names specifically, tap on ‘Effects’ at the bottom left corner of your screen and then toggle off ‘Filter Names.’

Now you’re all set to create an Instagram Story without displaying any filter names!

Disabling the Filter Name Display

To add an air of mystery to your Instagram story, you can disable the display of the filter’s identification. By turning off filter effects, you have the freedom to customize your Instagram story appearance without revealing which filter you used.

To disable the filter name display, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Instagram Story settings as mentioned in the previous subtopic.
  2. Once in the settings, locate the option to disable filter name display.
  3. Toggle this option off and save your changes.

Now, when you apply a filter to your story, its name will not be shown to your followers. This allows you to create a sense of intrigue and keep your audience guessing about the filters you use.

Remember to experiment with different filters and effects to find what suits your style best!

Enjoying a Filter Name-Free Instagram Story Experience

Experience the joy of a filter name-free Instagram story as you create an air of mystery and captivate your audience with your unique style. By hiding the filter name, you can engage with your Instagram followers in creative ways and enhance their experience.

Here are some ideas to explore the impact of filter name-free stories on user engagement:

  • Surprise your audience: Keep them guessing by using different filters without revealing their names.

  • Encourage interaction: Ask your followers to guess the filter you used or challenge them to create their own version.

  • Showcase your creativity: With the focus on your content rather than the filter, let your imagination run wild and express yourself authentically.

  • Spark curiosity: Leave your viewers intrigued and eager to know more about how you achieved such captivating visuals.

With these tips, you can take advantage of the hidden filter name feature on Instagram and elevate your storytelling game in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still see the filter name on my own Instagram story even if I have disabled it for others?

Yes, you can still see the filter name on your own Instagram story even if you’ve disabled it for others.

This feature gives you control over who can see the filter name on your story, providing more privacy and flexibility.

However, hiding filter names may affect user engagement, as some viewers might be curious about the filters being used.

Before deciding whether to hide filter names, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

Will disabling the filter name display affect the visibility of my Instagram story to my followers?

Disabling the display of filter names on your Instagram story will have an impact on the visibility of your story to your followers.

By hiding the filter name, you may decrease engagement rates as some users rely on filter names to provide context or express their preferences.

It’s important to consider user preferences and feedback before making this decision, as it may affect how your followers interact with your content.

Can I choose to hide the filter name for specific stories and display it for others?

Yes, you can customize the visibility of filter names on your Instagram stories. Instagram provides filter name privacy settings that allow you to choose whether to display the filter name for specific stories or hide it entirely.

This gives you control over how much information you want to share with your followers. By adjusting these settings, you can ensure that your Instagram stories reflect your preferences and maintain a level of privacy when it comes to displaying filter names.

Is there a way to hide the filter name on Instagram story only for certain filters and not all of them?

Hiding filter names on Instagram stories can have both pros and cons.

On one hand, it adds an element of mystery and creativity to your posts, as viewers won’t immediately know which filter you used. This can make your stories more intriguing and encourage people to engage with them.

However, not displaying filter names may also lead to confusion or frustration among some users who want to replicate the same look in their own posts.

Ultimately, it’s a personal choice that should be made considering how hiding filter names affects user engagement.

Will hiding the filter name on my Instagram story also hide it from the person who created the filter?

No, hiding the filter name on your Instagram story will not hide it from the person who created the filter. The filter creator should still be able to see the filter name on other people’s stories. This allows them to monitor and track how their filters are being used and shared by users.

However, hiding filter names on Instagram stories can impact the user experience. It may make it more challenging for others to discover and try out new filters.


So there you have it! By following these simple steps, you can easily hide the filter name on your Instagram story and enjoy a more seamless and personalized experience.

Whether you want to maintain a clean aesthetic or simply prefer not to reveal the filters you use, this feature allows you to do just that.

So go ahead and give it a try in 2022 – your Instagram stories will never be the same again!