How to Scan With Android?

Scanning documents on your mobile device can save you a lot of time and hassle. So, if you have an Android device, it’s good to know how to scan with it. Fortunately, the process is simple and straightforward, and in this article we’ll walk you through it step by step. Learn How to Scan With Android?

How to Scan With Android?
How to Scan With Android?

How To Scan With Android

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your device has a scanner app installed. There are several available for free from the Google Play store, so pick one that best suits your needs and install it on your device. Once the app is installed, open it up and follow these steps:

  1. Select whether you want to scan a document or an image. Depending on the type of file you want to scan, select either “Document” or “Image” from the main menu of the scanner app. This will let the app know what type of file it needs to be looking for.
  2. Place your item on a flat surface in front of the camera lens of your phone or tablet. The item should be placed as close as possible without obstructing any part of your phone or tablet’s camera lens so that the scanner app can properly capture all of its details accurately. Make sure there’s enough light in the room so that all parts of your item are visible clearly in order for accurate scanning results.
  3. Adjust settings as necessary for better scanning results if needed. Depending on what type of file you’re scanning (document vs image) different settings may be available for adjusting things like brightness, contrast, saturation levels etc., which can help improve accuracy when scanning certain types of items such as images or documents with lots of text/graphics/images etc.. Utilizing these features correctly can produce amazing results when scanning!
  4. Tap “Scan” button once all settings are adjusted correctly and everything looks good – this will begin the actual scanning process where all details from your item will be captured and saved as an image or PDF depending on what you chose earlier in step 1 above!  5. Review scanned file once complete – after completion review all details captured by tapping on “Review” button within scanner app which will open up saved file (image/PDF). If everything looks good then tap “Done” otherwise go back into settings screen (step 3) above and adjust accordingly before re-scanning again until desired result achieved!


Scanning documents with an Android device doesn’t have to be complicated—and now that you’ve read our guide, it isn’t! Just install a scanner application from Google Play Store, place any document or image onto a flat surface in front of your device’s camera lens, adjust any applicable settings as necessary for better accuracy (if needed), tap “Scan,” review final output, and voila—you’re done! Whether you’re an experienced user or just getting started with using an Android device for scanning documents and images, this guide should give you all the information you need to get started quickly and painlessly! Happy scanning!

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