What is a Links Golf Course?

Not all golf courses are created equal. In fact, some types of golf courses are so unique that they require their own terminology. This is the case with links golf courses. Although not as popular in North America as other types of golf courses, links courses are a must-play for any golfer looking for a truly exceptional experience. So, what exactly is a links golf course? Learn What is a Links Golf Course?


What is a Links Golf Course?

A Brief History

The term “links” comes from the Scottish word “hlink” which means “rising ground or hillock”. The term was coined in Scotland during the 17th century when golfers began to notice similarities in the way certain areas of land were used to play the game—namely, sandy coastal areas near towns and villages. These areas had certain characteristics that made them ideal for playing golf, such as natural undulation and firm turf which allowed players to hit shots over long distances with great accuracy. Over time, these areas became known as links golf courses.

Characteristics Of A Links Course

Unlike other types of golf courses, links courses have unique characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd. For starters, they are typically located on coastal terrain—think sand dunes and grassy hillsides—and often feature natural hazards like rivers and streams. Furthermore, most links courses have wide fairways with strategically placed bunkers and few trees or water hazards to contend with. Lastly, due to their location on coastal terrain, many links courses feature windy conditions which add an extra layer of difficulty to your round!

Later in their history, many links courses adopted a more traditional design featuring rolling fairways lined by tall grasses and deep bunkers filled with thick rough—a design style still used today by many top-tier championship venues around the world such as Royal Dornoch in Scotland or Pebble Beach in California.


All in all, a link’s course is an exciting challenge for experienced players who enjoy pushing themselves while playing some of the most beautiful land on earth. If you’re looking for something new and different in your next round of 18 holes then consider giving a links course a try! You won’t be disappointed!

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