When Does Epl Season Start?


Football fans, it’s almost time to prepare for the 2021 English Premier League (EPL) season. The season starts on August 14th and promises to be full of excitement and drama. This blog post will answer some of your burning questions about the upcoming season, such as when does EPL start, how long is the season, and what new rules are in place? Read on to find out! Learn When Does Epl Season Start?

When Does Epl Season Start?
When Does Epl Season Start?

When Does Epl Season Start?

When Does EPL Start? 

The 2021 EPL season will kick off on Saturday, August 14th with a matchup between Fulham and Arsenal. This will mark the beginning of a 38-game regular-season schedule for each team. Each team will then play an additional 10 games leading up to the playoffs which begin in May 2022.

How Long Is The Season? 

The regular EPL season runs from mid-August until mid-May with a two week winter break in December and January. Each team plays a total of 38 games during this period followed by 10 more games in April and May before the playoffs begin in late May/early June.

What New Rules Are In Place? 

The 2021 EPL season has several new rules that are designed to make the game fairer and safer for players and fans alike. One of these rules is that teams can now make five substitutions per match instead of three as was previously allowed. Additionally, yellow cards received by a player during extra time no longer count towards their total accumulated yellow card tally at the end of regular playtime. Finally, there is also a new rule that states any goal scored directly from a corner kick counts as two goals instead of one.


Are you ready for some football? This year’s English Premier League promises to be full of thrilling action from start to finish so get ready! Now that you know when does epl start, how long is it running for, and what new rules are in place you can join millions of other fans around the world in cheering on your favorite teams! So get ready for all the excitement and fun that comes with every minute of every soccer match this year—it’s sure to be an incredible experience!

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